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Shekhawati-'Open Air Art Gallery' of Rajasthan

There are many places in Rajasthan worth visiting. One of them is Shekhawati. Nowhere else in the world there is such a profusion of wall paintings, so intricate and finely executed, in hundreds of havelis, temples, cenotaphs, wells and forts, as in this region. A wonderful fusion of Art and Life!

Situated in the semi-arid north-eastern belt of Rajasthan, Shekhawati- the region named after Rao Shekhaji (1433-1488), is today known as the 'Open Air Art Gallery' of Rajasthan. It is famous as the 'land of Kuber' (the Hindu Lord of Wealth), the 'land of warriors' and also the 'land of artists'.

The climate here is dry and the temperature ranges from 00 C in winter (January and February) to 450 C in summer (May and June). It has been the home of the Marwari community, which for more than a century has been the backbone of Indian entrepreneurship. 

The architecture of the many havelis (around 50,000 decorated havelis- residential places of the merchant class, mostly built over 100 years ago.) of Shekhawati, complete with colourful frescoes, attracts thousands of foreign and domestic tourists, particularly to the 'Podar Haveli Museum' at Nawalgarh.


The 250-year-old town Nawalgarh was founded by Thakur Nawal Singhji (the successor of Rao Shekhaji). It is a major educational center in the State of Rajasthan. Well linked with rail and road, it is 140 km to the North from the State Capital Jaipur and 270 km to the south from the National Capital New Delhi. 

The town has adequate facilities like Palace Hotel, banking, communication, entertainment, shopping complex and transportation, etc. Inhabited by 70000 people of various classes and beliefs, this historic place has a large number of tourist attractions like palaces, havelis, temples, high clock tower, decorated wells, playgrounds, safari, etc.