Welcome to the exclusive 'Cultural Heritage Museum', the first of its kind in the world.
A jewel in the cultural crown of India. The pride of the Shekhawati region in the State of Rajasthan.


There are many places in Rajasthan worth visiting. One of them is Shekhawati - 'Open Air Art Gallery' of Rajasthan. Nowhere else in the world is there such a profusion of wall paintings, so intricate and finely executed, in hundreds of havelis, temples, cenotaphs, wells and forts, as in this region. A wonderful fusion of Art and Life! Read more...

Built in the year 1902 by Mr. Anandilal Podar, the Podar Haveli has excellent frescoes exceeding 750 in number. The whole building is fully lit from inside and outside and the frescoes glitter, giving the impression of stone studded paintings. 
Mr. Kantikumar R. Podar, grandson of Mr. Anandilal Podar, restored all the frescoes in the Podar Haveli. Read more...

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Seeing is believing. Discover a world where the walls come alive in vibrant colours and forms of the Indian culture so intricately and finely executed. Come visit us to get a glimpse of these frescoes glitter, like stone studded in brush strokes on the Haveli.
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